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Level 1 - Personal Pathway

For parents who want to be part of a learning community, and follow their own learning pathway.

Choose from a variety of online courses, which are developed in response to the needs of the community. Courses are self-paced inquiries offering you the chance to delve into current research, connect with others to share ideas, and try things out. Our current course selection includes:

  • Reimagining Education

  • Child-Led Learning

  • Documenting as a tool for learning

  • The Essential Learning Toolkit

  • The 8 Thrive Elements

  • Ecosystem Learning

  • 21st Century Skills

If your are short on time, download our handy one-page guides with some ideas for you you to try at home.

Join our Members-only Forum, where you can take part in conversations about the online courses, ask your questions and connect with other parents. 

Level 2- Group Mentorship

This includes all of the benefits of Level 1 membership PLUS 

Our Educators will lead you step-by-step through a shared project or learning experience for your child. They will give you the resources that you need and guide you through the process. Educators will meet (via video conferencing) with the parent group to collaborate and discuss possible next steps. 

Join our learning community where parents share their own family projects and learning experiences. Support each other and nudge learning steps.

Level 3- Personal Mentorship

This includes all of the benefits of Level 1 and Level 2 membership PLUS

Partner up with your very own professional educator mentor you through educating at home. Your mentor will help you to navigate a successful learning pathway, tailor-made for you and your family. You will meet weekly via video conferencing to plan for learning engagements, learn about learner agency and the roles of the adults, how to document learning and create an authentic outcome.

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