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Buy Sea Kelp Bioferment

Sea Kelp Coral contains a complete nutrient mix obtained from fermentation of a sea macroalgea with the addition of kelp-based antioxidants. This nutrient-rich gel helps moisturize the skin while reducing redness and irritation. Sea Kelp Coral provides a nutrient medium to moisturize skin. Fermentation in Kelp can help benefit the moisturizing properties, as well as helps to calm inflammation.

buy sea kelp bioferment

This amazing DIY skincare ingredient can be used as a base solution, an ingredient or you can use it all on its own. Read our blog for ideas on how to use Sea Kelp Coral or learn more about the benefits of sea kelp bioferment prebiotics for your skin.

FSS Sea Kelp BioFerment PF SF is a fermented sea kelp extract that has been derived by fermentation of Sea Kelp using Lactobacillus. Fermentation is one of the oldest technologies used by different peoples and cultures throughout the world for food preservation. Products such as cheese, bread, and wine have been produced, and consumed, for thousands of years by way of various fermentation techniques. Most fermentation is carried out via lactic acid bacteria (LAB) also known as lactobacilli. Fermentation acts as a preservative for foods, enabling smooth digestion, as well as increases the production of vitamins, minerals, and various other phyto-chemicals, depending upon the plant being fermented. The fermentation process converts ingredients from an inactive form to a bio-active form that our bodies can easily recognize and therefore process more efficiently. FSS Sea Kelp BioFerment PF SF was designed specifically to provide the benefits associated with sea kelp.Due to its high concentration of vitamins and minerals FSS Sea Kelp BioFerment PF SF can be used in a wide variety of cosmetic and personal care applications which are intended to deliver nutrients and providing moisturizing properties. As an added benefit this unique ingredient can be used to capitalize on trends for minerals and sea inspired ingredients in cosmetics. However, given the nature of FSS Sea Kelp BioFerment PF SF, it can also be used to convey both a sense of luxury and tradition.FSS Sea Kelp BioFerment PF SF, a natural film former, can also be used as a base or can be added to formulations for creams, toners, shampoos, lotions and other personal care products.This product is water soluble. We recommend you add it either to the water phase of the emulsion system (no need for heating as this product will solubilize at room temperature) or during the cooling phase after the emulsion has been formed. It can be heated to 80C (167F) without any issues.Preserved with Leucidal Liquid SF, contains Propylene Glycol.

Sea Kelp bioFerment (also know as seakelp ferment) is a natural kelp extract that is obtained using traditional fermentation technology. Our Sea Kelp Bioferment can be used as a great nutritional active or as a skin care base for our other active ingredients. It is a perfect base for users with oily skin types as it moisturizes without supplying extra oil. It is also very effective for normal and dry skin, as it is a powerful nutritive moisturizer. From creams to serums to washes, it is the perfect active for almost any purpose. NEW Green Preservative formulation: Paraben AND Phenoxyethanol free. Now enriched with extra fucoxanthin and fucoidans

NEW Green Preservative formulation: Paraben AND Phenoxyethanol FREEPreservatives: 0.4 Potassium Sorbate, 0.1 Citric Acid, 2% Dermosoft 1388 (Sodium Levulinate, Sodium Anisate)Now enriched with extra fucoxanthin and fucoidansSea Kelp bioFerment (also know as seakelp ferment) is a natural kelp extract that is obtained using traditional fermentation technology. The fermentation process increases the bioavailability of many chemical compounds and allows for the isolation and concentration of naturally occurring phytochemicals. Sea Kelp BioFerment is an excellent moisturizer. It can be used in personal care products such as: creams and lotions, toners, shampoo, and hair conditioners. Seakelp BiofFerment can be used pure as a mask and even as a shaving gel. Sea Kelp BioFerment can be mixed with creams or diluted with distilled water to provide an incredible base for most skin care needs. Sea kelp BioFerment is an amazingly versatile product that provides nutrition and has great anti-inflammatory properties.

The true value of sea kelp for the skin is that it is made of many important vitamins including Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, and E. Sea kelp is also high in minerals like iodine, zinc, magnesium, copper, calcium, iron, and potassium. In addition, sea kelp contains amino acids. An ingredient packed with all of this nutrition will certainly have a lot of health benefits.

Not all "seaweeds" are the same and not all have the same skin benefit. Sea kelp is a brown algae that has particularly powerful nutrients locked inside. How do we access all of these skin-loving nutrients? The answer is fermentation. The process of fermentation breaks down the cell walls of the sea kelp, unlocking the benefits. That's where we get the name "bioferment".

More research is needed, but it is possible that sea kelp may reduce oxidative stress, protect cardiovascular health, and prevent or slow the spread of cancer. There is also a potential link between sea kelp and weight loss in individuals with obesity. Additionally, some clinical studies suggest that sea kelp can lower blood glucose levels, which would help individuals who have Type 2 Diabetes.

Because sea kelp is so nutrient dense, it is an ideal component of skincare products used for restorative treatments. For example, if you do a chemical peel or have a professional treatment like microneedling, applying a product that contains sea kelp will help soothe the skin and promote skin renewal following your treatment.

Hyaluronic Acid Hydration Serum contains other wonderful anti-aging actives that work alongside sea kelp to provide long-term benefits. Since it replaces the natural hyaluronic acid lost from aging, the serum improves the smoothness, plumpness, and elasticity of the skin. It also reduces fine lines. In fact, many clients use the serum as a lower-cost and less-invasive alternative to injections.

Sea Kelp Bioferment is produced by fermentation of Bull Kelp harvested from the Atlantic Coast of North America using the bacteria Lactobacillus. You have likely heard of this bacteria as it is also used to produced yogurt and other foods. The fermenting process breaks down the cellular tissue of the kelp leaf which increases the bioavailability of the naturally occurring chemical compounds and vital nutrients found in large amounts in kelp.

What is Sea Kelp Bioferment?The luxury ingredient used in expensive products like La Mer, Sea Kelp Bioferment is a natural kelp extract that has been derived by fermentation of Sea Kelp using Lactobacillus, the same bacteria that produces yogurt. Fermentation breaks down the cellular tissue of the kelp leaf, which increases the bioavailability of the naturally occurring chemical compounds that are abundant in sea kelp.

Fermentation and the reduction of the kelp liquor results in the concentration of its vital nutrients. Naturally occurring algin, the mucilaginous intercellular material found in kelp thickens this product to its gel consistency.How To Use It:Sea Kelp Bioferment is a natural film former and acts as an excellent oil-free moisturizer and skin barrier protectant. It can be used full strength as a mask, or added to your favorite lotions or creams to boost the nutrients and their moisturizing abilities. Can be used on face and body.

To use as a moisturizer, apply directly onto clean skin in dry areas as needed, use as a mask, or mix into your favorite lotion or cream. Sea kelp is naturally film-forming, so it can create a film on the skin. Great for barrier protection, but could interfere with layering so apply last is using with other products. Applying to damp skin, very sparingly, will aid absorption. 041b061a72


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