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Homeric Hymn 2 to Demeter (abridged) (trans. Evelyn-White) (Greek epic C7th or 6th B.C.) :"[Demeter's] trim-ankled daughter whom Aidoneus [Haides] rapt away, given to him by all-seeing Zeus the loud-thunderer. Apart from Demeter, lady of the golden sword and glorious fruits, she was playing with the deep-bosomed daughters of Okeanos and gathering flowers over a soft meadow, roses and crocuses and beautiful violets, irises also and hyacinths and the narcissus, which Gaia (the Earth) made to grow at the will of Zeus and to please Polydektor (Host of Many), to be a snare for the bloom-like girl--a marvellous, radiant flower. It was a thing of awe whether for deathless gods or mortal men to see: from its root grew a hundred blooms and it smelled most sweetly, so that all wide heaven (ouranos) above and the whole earth (gaia) and the sea's (thalassa) salt swell laughed for joy. And the girl was amazed and reached out with both hands to take the lovely toy : but the wide-pathed earth yawned there in the plain of Nysa, and the lord, Polydegmon (Host of Many) [Haides], with his immortal horses sprang out upon her--the Son of Kronos (Cronus), Polynomos (He Who has Many Names).He caught her up reluctant on his golden car and bare her away lamenting. Then she cried out shrilly with her voice, calling upon her father [Zeus], the Son of Kronos, who is most high and excellent. But no one, either of the deathless gods or mortal men, heard her voice, nor yet the olive-trees bearing rich fruit: only tender-hearted Hekate (Hecate), bright-coiffed, the daughter of Persaios (Persaeus), heard the girl from her cave, and the lord Helios (the Sun), Hyperion's bright son, as she cried to her father, the Son of Kronos. But he was sitting aloof, apart from the gods, in his temple where many pray, and receiving sweet offerings from mortal men. So he [Haides], that Son of Kronos, Polynomos (Of Many Names), Polysemantor (Ruler of Many) and Polydegmon (Host of Many), was bearing her away by leave of Zeus on his immortal chariot--his brother's child and all unwilling.And so long as she, the goddess, yet beheld earth and starry heaven and the strong-flowing sea where fishes shoal, and the rays of the sun, and still hoped to see her dear mother and the tribes of the eternal gods, so long hope clamed her great heart for all her trouble . . . and the heights of the mountains and the depths of the sea ran with her immortal voice : and her queenly mother heard her.

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"Wait--just be patient and hear me out," wailed the Wind. "It is because of the honor of man, and the glory of God, that I'm so troubled. That's what's making me so miserable! I, who don't know of any other rest besides God's will, used to go on my way full of joy, but now I am the most miserable of all creatures. Listen to me, Earth, with your mountains and valleys, and forests, and fast-flowing rivers and seas. Be fair and hear me out. You know I wasn't like this before, when I was first called into being. You know how joyfully I blew around your woods and fields, and saw the beauty that was everywhere. You remember how tenderly I whispered through your flowers, how happily carried their fragrant smells as a thank offering to Heaven, how merrily I used to romp and blow over the hills, and how I taught the tall trees to bow as if honoring God who made them! You know that I never failed to obey God when storms were needed, whether to drive stagnant fogs out of the air, or to whip the sea into lively waves. Have I ever failed? Haven't I always obeyed God and done my duty? Even now, when I'm so miserable, I still carry out God's orders without fail. I still carry along the warm, fresh breezes from tropical seas on endless journeys around the world all the way to the cold north, in the form of dew, or rain, or snow. I continue to do my work. In fact, I love to work the way I was made to. But, woe is me! Another burden besides my work has come upon me! Woe for the ugliness I have witnessed ever since the earth was inhabited by the wretched race of mankind! Woe for the civilized places I have to pass through! Woe for the cities and towns and villages where men live! I can't avoid them! How terrible it is to have to bear from those places all of the blasphemies of so many people! I'm weighed down under the burden of their ungratefulness, their denial and their doubt! Woe for me, that I have to spread the filth of men's misguided reason from the north to the south! Woe that I have to carry the taunts of scorners, and the curses of drunkards, as gifts from mankind to his Maker--from man who was formed in God's image and brags about how smart he is! I wish I could pass away and stop existing, and that the results of evil hearts and unbelief would pass away with me!"

The non-living elements of the world became aware that some great event was going to happen. The earth, which had suffered and decayed under the ancient curse, listened to the whispered rumors. And every spring, as she dressed herself in beautiful greenery and flowers, a hint of the Mighty One who would restore earth's lost glories and make her young again was felt through every pulse of her. Earth didn't care about mankind's different expectations about this Deliverer. "It's not important how He comes," she said, "whether as a king, or conqueror, or sage, or God. In my bloom and beauty, I'm making myself ready for his coming. This way I'll be worthy to meet my Lord and King! When he arrives, all the hills will leap with happiness, the valleys will laugh and sing, and the trees in the forests will rejoice!" 350c69d7ab


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