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Edmi Eziview Software

All EDMI meters are provided with our EziView software suite. EziView runs on Windows based PC's and provides meter users with a method of setting up and configuring EDMI meters. -boards-download-mac.html. Bittorrent download for windows 10. EziView also enables users to download historical data or view real-time measurements and status information.

Edmi Eziview Software

Thank you for using our software portal. Using the link given below and proceeding to the developer's website in order to download EziView was possible when we last checked. We cannot confirm if there is a free download of this software available.

If you purchase your own meter, which you could install after you main switch, you can have it setup with your own username/password combo. You will need EDMI's own Optical Read-head (it again isn't "standard") and a legit copy of EDMI's EziView software.

EziView is a Windows-based application primarily used to configure and retrieve data from EDMI Energy meters. This software, through a Scheduler, allows Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) at a preset time. link:

Hi, is it a mk7A or a mk10A? Not what you have displayed, but those edmi meters display a 4 digit code and COMPLETE when they are first commissioned. Doubt it is that as your meter has been working.

Hi, With that 'complete' message, I'd guess they have done a remote upgrade on the meter, so it shouldnt be a concern. Maybe software update or tariff update. I wouldnt worry about it or the symbol unless you start seeing weird power usage or get a dodgy bill. Or if it keeps happening.

Hi, I have purchased a secondhand Mk10D (believe it is new but lost in transit and never installed). Has anyone got a copy of EDMI Eziview software?There are a couple of dodgy links to "free" copies of the software on the web but they appear to be bs and just bear traps for driver update websites. Assuming I can get into the meter, I intend to install after the main switch and monitor when I am exporting, and how much. Really for my own benefit and as a guide on when to operate.

I have software that reads the LCD display using a USB camera on a Raspberry Pi, and last week the meter display was stuck on some kind of 'update complete' display. I was able to use the select button to display the rolling values as before, but I also note that the very useful 'tP' value no longer seems to visible in the regular display update. I am interested if there is any way to make it appear again.Maybe I should complain to AusGrid about their meter update.

Thanks Kingprawn.Anybody come across a copy of Eziview??? I bought a Mk10D off fleabay, and would like to set it up to monitor the power in/out by WiFi, but I really need the software. It has an add on 3G data modem EWM1000 off the RS232 port. I'm hoping I can get access without codes but if not I might have to cry to EDMI down the road from me and see if they will assist.


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