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Eric Helms' Nutrition Pyramid: What You Need to Know

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Eric Helms - The Muscle and Strength Pyramid - Nutrition v1.0.1.pdf

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after suffering a severe knee injury in 2011, eric decided to not only recover but to learn new skills. he's finally ready to share this in the book, and i'm glad he did because the previous information in the book wasn't that interesting to me. on the flip side, i didn't find the book all that engaging. i feel like it was laid out in such a way to get you to see what you probably wouldn't have thought about otherwise.

this book sets out a template for all your weight-training programming, from novice to advanced. in case you were wondering if there was more to this book, the answer is yes. there is a meaty chapter on breathing called 'the anatomy of breathing.' this is a must for any serious weight-training beginner.

- #1: this book should be in every weight-training beginner's library. it's a must-read if you want to know how to move on from when you've become a member of the infinitesimal percentage of people who have ever finished a rep with an empty bar. by the time you finish this book, you'll be able to progress your training by using a template that will drive you toward your goals. while it doesn't cover the first steps in your weight-training journey, it is invaluable.

- #2: if you're a weight-training newbie, you need this book. after reading it, you'll be able to move on from wherever you are and progress to wherever you're going. if you're a beginner, this book will allow you to hit the ground running.


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