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Heat Map Tracker Nulled Tools

Months of research and to-and-fro go into it, and sometimes even this much effort on understanding the options available falls short of giving you full confidence to invest. That is why most third-party tools, whether they are for heatmapping, testing, data tracking, analysis, or transcription, offer free trials before asking you to make a payment and commit. On top of the free trials, the internet is full of information on various 100% free tools that you can use for multiple purposes.

heat map tracker nulled tools


Do you wish that you had better insights into how your users interact with your website? Heatmap tools and plugins can help you visualize where users click, how far they scroll, and how they really use your site. In this article, we will show 9 Best heatmap tools and plugins for your WordPress site.

Unlike some tools in this list, offers real time heatmaps. You can see how users are interacting with your site live. It also respects privacy of your users by not logging unnecessary data.

Clicktale is another popular choice for heatmaps analytics. They offer a very powerful session recording technology and great in-depth heatmaps analysis features. But he biggest advantage is that they offer integrations with other analytics tools that you may already be using, like Google Analytics, Optimizely, Google Tag Manager, etc.

Crazyegg is one of the best heatmap tools which helps you to analyze user interaction for various pages of your website. This tool provides scrollmaps, heatmaps, and many other visual reports that show how your customer is responding to your site.

Matomo is all in one web analytics platform that provides accurate data reporting of your website. It is one of the best heatmap tools using which you can evaluate the user experience, conversion, optimization features.

NetAlly is the maker of network troubleshooting and monitoring tools. Its AirMagnet Survey PRO is one such tool that was made for large networks and can be used to create heatmaps, plan for capacity, design WLANs, and improve network security.

Crazy Egg is a robust solution for learning how users engage with your website, and their A/B testing is an easy way to test out what you learn, but it can quickly become expensive. If you can fit it in your budget, this is one of the best heatmap tools.

Use the best heatmap software to learn more about user experience on your website and make improvements where necessary. Consider these heatmap tools to improve user experience based on each website visitor and their actions on your web pages.

Unlike many of the tools on this list, Hotjar focuses solely on heatmap creation and analyzing user experience on your site. Hotjar allows you to generate click, move, and scroll heatmaps and gives the option to split the heatmaps by device.

Zoho PageSense is a complete conversion optimization and personalization platform. It provides all the tools you need to track, analyze, and optimize your website for conversions, including a powerful integrated heatmapping tool.

You can use the heatmap tools to identify the areas of your website pages that your visitors are giving the bulk of their attention to. If you want to dig a little deeper, you can take advantage of the session recordings and playback replays of how visitors interacted with your site in real-time.

Heat Map is used to detect user activity in terms of user behavior on websites. With the use of Heatmaps, website managers can easily understand the requirements of their audience. Today, in this article, we will discuss the popular heat map tools to attach to your website.

Freshmarketer, just like its name, provides new and innovative heat maps that work so much better than the millions of traditional heatmaps available in the market. You can view real-time data with the tools provided, unlike the conventional heat maps where you have to wait for the data to be processed, losing precious time and visitors.

Mouseflow is famous for structuring complex user behavior data, processing it, and providing easy visual analysis from its heatmap software. The website boasts of analyzing every page. It is a unique combination of 6 heatmap tools: click, scroll, attention, movement, geo, and live. These tools help you assess how deep users scroll on your webpage and which content aids the conversion. Furthermore, the location of your user and their interactions with certain website elements like iframes, menus, banners can also be tracked.

If you want to build a website that users can easily navigate and use, you need to utilize website heatmap tools/plugins. Put simply, a heatmap is a way to monitor how users interact with your site naturally. Ultimately, they help you ensure a positive user experience.

Hotjar provides click, move, and scroll heatmaps so you can easily see how visitors are moving through your website. Ivan Teh from AdVisible loves that HotJar also features their own version of screen recordings, conversion funnels, and tools to analyze forms on your site.

The heat maps are divided into clicks, moves, scroll reach, viewport overlap, attention and areastats. The coordinates of the clicks are pretty similar compared to the other tools but they seem somewhat less refined (think bigger blobs).


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