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Soweni (Cornish for Thrive) is an empowering non-profit, evolving education for Now & for the generations of young humans to come.


Where 'school' is reimagined...

Five years ago, we began planning and piloting an ecosystem of education. With some wooden cabins, a huge tipi, a group of children and parents wanting to try something different, and an acre of land in Cornwall, we explored the power and potential of the Thrive Elements to reimagine 'going to school'. 


With our pilot phase complete, we were in the process of registering as a charity and writing our independent school application. But our vision is not a ‘school’ in the traditional sense. Just imagine…


The sound of children laughing in nature; chatting excitedly about their unfurling projects; connecting globally with friends in virtual international classrooms; planting trees; growing vegetables; sharing their learning in sustainable spaces; powered by renewable energy; cleaning the local beaches; volunteering with the local elderly community; mixed-age children jamming together; daily moments of stillness; exercise on the beach, in the sea or on the cliffs; world and local experts drafted in for online and in person wisdom sharing; professional educator workshops and support for local parents and children, community campfires, gigs and celebrations...


Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic we have put our plans to build a pioneering eco structure on hold (just for now), and have developed an empowering online space for parents, children and educators to come together to learn to thrive. It's called The Soweni Ecosystem.

Playing at the edge...

We are having a wild ride piloting and pioneering since 2016 on the cliffs of North Cornwall. A group of impassioned children, parents, experts & educators, we are dedicated on our mission of empowering everyone to PLAY at their edge of understanding and THRIVE. 


Are you ready to jump?


The Aim of Education:

“to enable students to understand the world around them and the talents within them so that they can become fulfilled individuals and active compassionate citizens.”

Sir Ken Robinson, 2018

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