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What is Soweni?

Soweni offers shared learning experiences for children and their families, through concept-driven projects that enable children to direct their own learning. They are inquiry based and develop 21st century skills. Our global educators offer projects, guide learning and support you and your children, as you learn to thrive.

Who is Soweni for?

Families who are educating at home. You may have been educating at home for a number of years or new to educating at home due to Covid-19. Soweni projects are aimed at children aged 6-12 but can be accessed by children of all ages. Soweni connects parents with other parents, and children with other children through professionally guided learning experiences. These shared experiences allow for ideas to spark, genuine collaboration and authentic learning.


How is Soweni unique?

  • It is a community of children, parents and educators connected through a shared experience.

  • It offers guided learning experiences for children and parents - educators are on hand to answer questions and nudge individual learning.

  • Conceptual inquiries allow for children to think critically about big ideas and offer the chance to direct their own learning. The children can follow their own pathways and passions whilst developing deep conceptual understanding.

  • Children inspire each other and act as peer mentors

  • Thinking is made visible, which means that the whole group benefits from individual learning.

  • Parents are able to connect with other families, and act as mentors for other children 

  • Projects are designed to give children the opportunity to develop 21st Century skills - Learning skills (creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication), Literacy skills (media, technology and information), Life skills (flexibility, leadership, initiative, productivity, social).

  • The Thrive Elements are at the heart of  Soweni - Connection, Nature, Value, Trust, Purpose, Freedom, Safety and Agency.

  • Projects work towards an authentic outcome - a real piece published in a newspaper, an online art gallery, or the creation of a website.

  • There are NO worksheets

  • Soweni offers a variety of spaces - ‘caves ’for individual thinking and reflection, ‘campfires’ for group work, ‘watering holes’ for buzzy mixing of ideas and ‘mountain tops’ for sharing learning.

When does Soweni offer projects?

Soweni offers projects throughout the year. Each project lasts for 8 weeks. Educators launch each project with provocations and questions, after which parents can engage with the project at any time. Educators are online throughout the week to support your learning journey.

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What do I get?

Where is Soweni?

Soweni is wherever you are.


Access learning engagements from the comfort of your home, garden, local woods, allotment or beach. All you need is a wifi connection and a device.

  • Collaborative projects with videos, downloadable resources and articles to support parents

  • An online community space where members upload photos, videos, stories and questions.

  • Guidance from highly experienced inquiry-based educators

  • Video conferencing (via Zoom) with educators, parents and children.

  • Chat forums

  • Q&A forum

When is Soweni?

Update May 2023: We are in the process of attracting funding for a larger roll out of the Soweni Ecosystem following our successful pilot. This is happening alongside the development of our Eco Space on the North Coast of Cornwall. If you would like to join the team and help us make the Soweni vision happen, do get in touch below.


Also click the link if you would like to be added to the mailing list and keep up to date with our latest developments. 

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We want to grow our community. We'd love to hear from you!

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