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Chirita In Provincie: A Classic Romanian Comedy by Vasile Alecsandri

Chirita In Provincie: A Classic Romanian Comedy by Vasile Alecsandri

If you are looking for a fun and witty play to read or watch, you might want to check out Chirita In Provincie by Vasile Alecsandri. This comedy, written in 1852, is one of the most popular and acclaimed works of the Romanian playwright and poet. It features the hilarious adventures of Chirita, a wealthy and domineering woman who moves from the countryside to the city of Iasi with her husband and son.

The play is full of humorous situations and characters, such as Chirita's naive son GuliÈÄ, who falls in love with a young lady named LuluÈa; Chirita's sister Safta, who is obsessed with astrology and fortune-telling; Chirita's French teacher Sharl, who tries to teach her manners and language; and LeonaÈ, a smart and charming young man who helps Chirita deal with her problems.

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Chirita In Provincie is a satire of the social and cultural differences between the rural and urban areas of Romania in the 19th century. It also reflects Alecsandri's patriotic and romantic views on the Romanian identity and culture. The play is written in a lively and colorful language, mixing Romanian dialects, French words, and musical songs.

You can read Chirita In Provincie online for free on various websites, such as Wikisource[^1^], Vdocumente[^2^], Idoc[^3^], or RegizorCautPiesa[^4^]. You can also watch some adaptations of the play on YouTube or other streaming platforms. You will surely enjoy this classic Romanian comedy that will make you laugh and think.

Besides being a funny and entertaining play, Chirita In Provincie also has a deeper meaning and a social critique. The play reflects the themes and issues of the 19th century Romanian society, such as the corruption, the snobbery, the ignorance, and the parvenuism of some of the characters. Chirita is a symbol of the rural aristocracy that tries to imitate the urban culture and values, but fails miserably. She is also a victim of her own vanity and ambition, as she is deceived by two swindlers who pretend to be noble and rich. Barzoi is a symbol of the abusive and greedy administration that exploits the peasants and enriches itself through illegal means. Leonas is a symbol of the young and intelligent generation that fights for justice and progress. He uses his wit and courage to expose the frauds and to win the love of Luluta.

Chirita In Provincie is also a patriotic and romantic play that celebrates the Romanian identity and culture. The play uses various elements of the Romanian folklore, such as songs, dances, costumes, dialects, and proverbs. The play also shows the contrast between the rural and urban areas of Romania, highlighting the beauty and simplicity of the countryside and the sophistication and diversity of the city. The play also expresses Alecsandri's hope for a united and independent Romania, free from foreign influences and oppression.

Chirita In Provincie is a classic Romanian comedy that has been adapted and performed many times over the years. It is still relevant and enjoyable today, as it offers a humorous and insightful perspective on human nature and society. It is a play that can make you laugh, think, and appreciate the richness and diversity of the Romanian culture. 0efd9a6b88


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